Executive Coach Contract, 2019-2020

Executive Coach Contract, 2019-2020

Thank you for agreeing to participate in the Sage Educational Leadership doctoral program as an executive coach for a candidate in the program.

The compensation for participation as an executive coach for a Sage EDL candidate is $333/semester for the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters of 2019-2020. At the end of each semester, a claim form for processing will be completed, including dates of service. Your role in this regard is as an Independent Contractor, not an employee of The Sage Colleges.
You will also be asked to complete a narrative form outlining the progress of the candidate each semester.

To indicate your agreement to these conditions, please sign and complete all of the information on this document. After you submit, this data base will automatically send you a copy of this contract for your records (Please double check before submitting that your email address was entered correctly. Additionally, depending on the firewalls connected to your email provider, the contract copy may go to a spam folder)

Dr. Marlene Zakierski, [email protected], NYC Program Director will be the contact person for the NYC candidates. Dr. Janice White, [email protected], Department Chair, will be the contact person for the Albany candidates. They will provide information about the roles and expectations of an executive coach. Should you have follow up questions, please contact them.

Your willingness to provide significant expertise to our candidates is greatly appreciated and enhances their individual experience as well as the respect that the program has earned throughout the northeast region.